Latest Marriott hotel Jobs in Dubai

Do you want to be the part of world’s #1 hospitality industry? The Marriott hotel & resorts is hiring people to different areas. If you wish to prosper your career, there is no other better place than this. Here are some latest job openings from Marriott hotels.

Marriott- a perfect workplace

With 582+ hotels and resorts along with 205053+ rooms operating, Marriott hotels& resorts secures the topmost position in the hospitality industry. Marriott always encourages and pushes its employees because they want each of its associates to be a part of its change.  It is a tight-knit family where everyone is equal. They have a wide network that opens endless opportunities to the eligible people.

In Marriott, there is inclusivity and pay transparency. Workers from diverse areas or culture are welcomed equally. With a total of 140,000+ employees operating in 130+ locations, the group is growing into prominence. Marriott encourages the workers to interact with its professionals and seek from them. These professional experiences enrich their career path. From the entry-level employees to the senior associates each one is valued and respected here.

Application process

To get a job in Marriott, first you need to create an account which helps the applicant to personalize the preferences and get notified about the vacancies. When you get the job role that suits your background and experience, click on the apply button and submit the online application. If the application meets the requirements, the hiring team will contact you for a phone screening as the first stage. After that, there will be one or more interviews or assessments to analyse the potential of the candidate. They include telephonic, video or i-person interviews. The hiring team will review the performances and qualifications and the eligible candidate soon receive the offer letter.

Job opportunities

Marriott is offering numerous job opportunities in different areas of the hospitality sector. They include hotel jobs, residence jobs, corporate jobs and many more. Several internships and fellowships are also provided to build the career of the young talents.

The hotel employees are the core of the hotel working behind and ahead. The major job opportunities in this sector are the hosts, artists, quality keepers, planners. Thousands are hired in finance, administration, front desk, event management, bartending, housekeeping, engineering, culinary arts, sales and marketing, guest services, health and beauty and so on.

Apart from hotels, there are 10000+ residential units offering a great deal of job openings world-wide. There are also openings in customer service centres, financing, purchasing, management, public relations, communications and technology.

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