Ikea Company Careers

In Ikea there is nothing stopping you. You can choose your path and bring out the best. The company always encourages in the curiosity of the employees and promotes in the growth of the workers. They need employees who can take up the challenges and build their career efficiently. Consistent growth is necessary for a good employee. Ikea looks for one who continuously learns and experiment their fields. Curious, passionate and dedicated employees are encouraged. Since, ikea looks for change; they need unique, hardworking, experienced and innovative people with good interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Technical employees with good organisational skills are welcomed to be part of the group. They need energetic, capable, flexible and collaborative workers who are customer-driven. Ikea supports and recruits diverse people because they are a mix of great minds, talents and personalities. This diversity reflects in the customers also.

Jobs at Ikea

Ikea offers a great deal of job possibilities in different areas. They include IKEA stores, development centres, distribution facilities, factories, studios or office hubs. Almost 20,000 workers are employed in each area. In Ikea, each product is imagined, created, designed, produced and distributed through a series of companies. All these require different stages and in each stage a number of employees are involved. Thousands are hired for planning, coordinating, transporting, designing, warehousing, distributing, producing and so on. Similarly, the communications, interior designing, customer relations, engineering, finance and human resources also employ lot of workers.

The manufacturing unit has around 16000 employees working in 50 sites manufacturing the furniture. With automated warehouse management systems, efficient people are working in the distribution centre. The marketing team employs thousands for advertising, publishing catalogues and magazines and other discount cards. The digital and technical group is responsible in creating the app for online purchasing. A great number of workers are operating in the logistics and supply chain team. Ikea foods/restaurants, project management, business solutions, purchasing department and sustainability team have a great deal of job possibilities to the eligible candidates. 

How to apply?

To apply for Ikea jobs, the first time candidates need to create a job profile. After that you can look for jobs in the company website that suits your qualifications, experience, and area of interest. The applicant must submit an online application with an updated resume and CV. Upon submission, the hiring team will contact once the application is reviewed. The eligible candidate must attend different rounds of interview. Later, the recruiting team analyse the performances and those who meet the requirements are appointed.


Working with ikea provides several benefits to the employees. Firstly, they empower workers making them responsible leaders. Ikea offers medical and health insurances along with other medical reimbursements. They receive competitive salaries and bonuses for their quality of work. Late night transportation facilities, paid leave, maternity leave are provided. For the children, ikea introduced day care facilities. Different training programmes are offered for the growth of the candidates.

Job Openings In UAE

Cashier Co-worker – (Part Time)Saudi Arabia
Kitchen Team LeaderSaudi Arabia
Sales CoworkerSaudi Arabia
Hsse CowrokerSaudi Arabia
Commercial Activity LeaderSaudi Arabia
Cashier/ Check-Out CoworkerSaudi Arabia
Cashier Co-workerSaudi Arabia
Greeter ( Thumamah Store )Saudi Arabia
Visual MerchandiserSaudi Arabia
Cashier Co-worker – (Part Time)Saudi Arabia
Smaland Co-workerSaudi Arabia
HR Learning & Development Specialist ( Thumamah- Store )Saudi Arabia
Sales Coworker (Part Time IKEA Thumamah) Saudi Arabia
Sales Coworker Saudi Arabia
CCTV OperatorSaudi Arabia
Interior DesignerSaudi Arabia
Visual MerchandiserSaudi Arabia
Graphic DesignerSaudi Arabia
CarpenterSaudi Arabia
Insights and Analytics ManagerSaudi Arabia
Talent Management SpecialistSaudi Arabia
Interior Designer (Thumamah Store)Saudi Arabia
IKEA Kitchen Co-worker (Cook) Saudi Arabia
Sales Co-worker Part Time Saudi Arabia
Sales Coworker Saudi Arabia
Sales Co-worker Part TimeSaudi Arabia
Store IT Helpdesk (Thumamah Store)Saudi Arabia
Visual Merchandiser (Thumamah store)Saudi Arabia
Checkout Co-worker (Part-Time) Saudi Arabia