Job Vacancies in ADNOC

Adnoc is looking for passionate talents who can contribute to the development of their company. Working with adnoc is a great opportunity as it always pushes the best out of the candidates. The job seekers are screened through multiple recruitment process as the company needs people with best caliber. Both male and female candidates are equally welcomed to explore and polish their talents. For each vacancy, 1000s of applications are received.

Great communication talents and the ability to interact with clients are necessary in order to collaborate with people across so as to build healthy relationships. They are looking for candidates with strong problem solving and decision making skills. Apart from that, one who can work with great systematic planning, organization skills, innovative ideas and strategic perspectives can immensely contribute to the improvement of the company. Adnoc welcomes candidates who are respectful, responsible, progressive, collaborative, and efficient and acts for the safety of the firm.

The interested and eligible candidates can now visit the official website of ADNOC. The company is offering many opportunities in different sectors for the skilled ones. You can apply through the company website and join their workforce.

The recent job openings in ADNOC are listed below

Engineer, ContractsABUDHABI
Supervisor, Drilling (Rig 2)ABUDHABI
Specialist, Compliance (Drilling & Production Chemicals)ABUDHABI
Superintendent, Marine Engineering (Technical Offshore FB)ABUDHABI
Engineer, Completion & WorkoverABUDHABI
Engineer, Business PlanningABUDHABI
Administrator, Web DevelopmentABUDHABI
Senior Engineer, Process SafetyABUDHABI
Senior Technician, Mechanical Maintenance (Rotating) (ABK)ABUDHABI
Specialist, Compliance (Drilling)ABUDHABI
Technician, Electrical MaintenanceABUDHABI
Senior Technical Support ManagerABUDHABI
Senior PetrophysicistABUDHABI
Senior Technician, I-C (Telemetry Maintenance)ABUDHABI
Senior Technician, I-C (Instrument Maintenance- OGO, ZW)ABUDHABI
Instructor (Franchise)ABUDHABI
Senior Technician, Mechanical Maintenance ( Utilities)ABUDHABI
Senior Technician, I-C (SCADA & Comms)ABUDHABI
Senior Technician, Electrical Maintenance (Ops)ABUDHABI
Advisor, Social Risk ManagementABUDHABI
Engineer, Automation SupportABUDHABI
Senior Technician, Mechanical Maintenance (Process)ABUDHABI
Senior Engineer, Business PlanningABUDHABI
Engineer, Data Management (Admin)ABUDHABI
Specialist, Performance ManagementABUDHABI
Technician, Telecom (Maintenance)ABUDHABI