Have you heard of ADNOC? Are you a skilled and passionate employee? Then you have a lot of opportunities in adnoc.

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company or ADNOC is an energy company owned by the state of UAE. Being one of the largest companies in the world, it helps to make a great investment and contributed to the country as well as for the development of the world. The main products of adnoc include crude oil, oil products, natural gas and other petrochemicals.

Adnoc is a company that runs mainly on the performance of its employees. Creative employees who could bring exceptional thoughts and can overcome any challenges are the central focus. Both the nationals and the expatriates are equally welcomed here to experiment their potential. Employees are hugely benefitted from the company. Medical insurance, gym facilities, maternity leave, education facilities to the children and even nursery facilities are provided at several branches of adnoc for children below 4. Even certain interest-free loans are provided to the eligible employees such as car loans, housing allowances etc. not only the present but the future is safe for adnoc employees as they get retirement pensions.

Regardless of age, gender, nationality, adnoc embraces all the skilled employees who can work to their potential. Adnoc is a global workforce with around 70000 employees. Such diversity helped in bringing different perspectives, innovations, and high productivity. The working environment is sensible to females and guarantee full safety and growth in their career. More than been just employees women hold high position in various sectors.

Being one of the leading energy group adnoc is fully owned by the Abu Dhabi government. Started off as an upstream offshore and onshore operation in oil and gas, adnoc rapidly emerged into a group of companies that contributed to the development of the nation. Founded in 1971, they are maintaining their sustainability by producing maximum energy with minimum emissions.

With strong marketing, trading and supply techniques, adnoc is establishing huge economic opportunities to UAE. Adnoc have a strong legacy of eliminating the production of greenhouse gases in their process which helps in delivering cleaner energy resources. They ensure the safety of biodiversity by planting millions of mangroves and also help in the economic growth of the UAE.

The oil production capacity is increasing day by day making UAE the largest supplier in the world. They aim at the reduced emission of co2 in their process resulting in the production of cleaner energy sources.

Adnoc has a total of 16 subsidiary companies operating on different levels of production, exploration, processing, refining, marketing and distribution of energy sources. They include Adnoc Drilling, Al- Yasat Petroleum, Al Dhafra Petroleum, Adnoc Sour Gas, Adnoc Offshore, Adnoc Onshore

Are you interested in working with adnoc? They are offering a diverse range of opportunities across various sectors including engineering, production, operations, and logistics.

They are providing opportunities not only to the professional talents but also to the fresh graduates. They are giving certified internship programs to mould the career of the fresh candidates. Adnoc technical academy is training young talents to become operators and technicians at different areas of the company. Adnoc is giving internship and scholarship programs to enhance the talents and use them for the development of the company. It helps the candidates to experience different learning process that develops their insight to contribute to the company.

Adnoc is providing engineering and operations jobs that help in analysing and interpreting the field data to carry out different studies to promote the activities in the production of the gas supply. To review the reports of the process and to understand the issues related to the field is necessary for a smooth glide of the production. Electrical maintenance is important in running the systems. For the marketing and distribution of the products adnoc has different companies including Adnoc Logistics& Services, Adnoc Distribution, and Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline LLC.

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