Almarai Company Careers

The company believes that employees are pivotal for the success. So they provide different training programmes and a healthy working environment. The experienced workers are rewarded for their long services. Certain induction programmes are offered to boost the potential of the employees. The company always tries to communicate with employees and review the activities.

Almarai is always keen to provide best to its customers and employees. They consistently try to nurture their workers providing attractive benefits. They include health insurance, retirement benefits and financial bonuses. Employees enjoy paid leave, vacations and parental leave. Almarai needs workers who continuously seek and they provide the circumstances for their growth. Employment assistance programs and other trainings are given for the development of the workers as well as the company. 

Current openings

Senior Planning Officer (Transport & Logistics)SAUDI ARABIA
Regional Merchandising Supervisor (Sales)SAUDI ARABIA
Regional Trade Marketing Supervisor (Sales)SAUDI ARABIA
Divisional Electrical Engineering Manager (Farming)SAUDI ARABIA
Sensory & Product Guidance Officer (Corporate)SAUDI ARABIA
Team Manager – Automation (Manufacturing)SAUDI ARABIA
Senior Team Manager – Engineering (Central Engineering) (Manufacturing)SAUDI ARABIA
Transport Coordinator (Transport & Logistics)SAUDI ARABIA
Regional Trade Marketing ManagerSAUDI ARABIA
Regional Trade Marketing ManagerSAUDI ARABIA
Regional Trade Marketing ManagerSAUDI ARABIA
Team Leader (Transport & Logistics)SAUDI ARABIA
Regional Merchandising Supervisor (Sales)SAUDI ARABIA
Senior Quality SupervisorSAUDI ARABIA
Assistant Product ManagerSAUDI ARABIA
Fire & Safety Officer (Poultry)SAUDI ARABIA
Regulatory Affairs Supervisor (Corporate)SAUDI ARABIA
Regional Training Officer (Sales)SAUDI ARABIA
Buyer I (Corporate)SAUDI ARABIA
Buyer I (Corporate)SAUDI ARABIA
Senior Buyer II (Corporate)SAUDI ARABIA
Graphics Designer (Corporate)SAUDI ARABIA
Accommodation Officer (Sales)SAUDI ARABIA
Laboratory Supervisor (Farming)SAUDI ARABIA

Application process

To apply for a job in almarai, the candidate must create a job profile with the company. Once you create your account, the next step is to find the job that suits you. Following that, apply to the job of your qualification through the official website of almarai with an updated resume and cover letter. The applicant gets a confirmation mail when the application is received. There will be interviews which help the recruiters to analyse your potential and ability. If you meet the requirements, you will hear back within a period of 14 days.