Latest Job Opportunities at Mediclinic , UAE

Are you someone who wants to practice with the most diversified healthcare industry? Then this article is for you. Mediclinic international hiring talented and dedicated employees. This is the best opportunity for anyone to excel in their career.

About the company

Founded in 1983, mediclinic is an international private health care group that operates in UAE, South Africa, Switzerland and Namibia. The group practically showed how a private hospital can be profitable by providing quality healthcare services at the same time.

As a healthcare industry, they mainly focus of specialised and multidisciplinary services and expect to offer a trustful commitment to every individual of the group including patients, regulators, medical practitioners and funders. Mediclinic invests more on recruiting highly qualified employees. They also try to provide best practice to their clients by placing these patients on the centre.

Why Mediclinic?

Mediclinic group believes in giving preference to the employees as they are responsible in the growth and prosperity of the company. A healthy work environment with great inclusivity is provided. Employees enjoy flexibility, generous leaves, competitive salaries and bonus. Similarly they get medical and health insurances, paid leaves, and rewards based on the performances. Short and long-term incentives are offered to the workers. They can also enjoy retirement benefits.

With around 32000+ employees working across in UAE, Switzerland and southern Africa, mediclinic ensures in offering top quality life, working environment and culture where the employees can feel motivated and be productive in their field. Mediclinic provides extensive trainings and skill development programmes that shape the career path and attracts more employees. There are also different career management and performance management initiatives that encourage the workers to polish themselves as leaders. Working with mediclinic is challenging as well as rewarding.

Who is the ideal candidate?

The group empowers each employee to become positive, productive, creative and diverse. Workers who are continuously learning and committed to bring an impact on the society are promoted here. Mediclinic is looking for compassionate, collaborative and innovative employees that can give an exceptional experience to its clients (patients). A customer-centred, trustful, performance-driven and respectful people are needed by the group. The employees must stay focused on their patients and give quality care for them. They must have a mutual commitment and adaptable and inclusive in their thoughts.

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