Amazon Company Careers in Dubai

Are you someone who wants to work with a multinational company? Then, Amazon offers numerous job opportunities worldwide.  The recent job openings in Amazon are mentioned here. All you have to do is just stay with us till the end of the article and grab your opportunity to build a better career.

About Us

Founded by Jeff Bezos, as an online marketing place for books, amazon now reached as one of the leading global company. Amazon is an American technology company having the highest brand value today.

As a global firm, they welcome people from all the backgrounds to work with their technical and non-technical team. It mainly focuses on e-commerce, digital marketing, online advertisement, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and etc. They are the second-largest private employer in US.

With around 200+ locations in nearly 25+ countries, Amazon is a conglomerate today. In each place and every industry millions of people are working with diverse perspectives and resources. This diversity is uniting and navigating the firm to greater heights. Amazon hires people from all sectors irrespective of gender, race, age, culture, education and etc. All the workers are leaders and innovators here.

Why Amazon?

Amazon challenges the employees and brings the best out of them. They want people who are creative to bring a change. This platform helps you to experience and experiment with brilliant people, and works alongside and seek from them. At amazon, employee is continuously learning and evolving which makes them polished.

They are providing full-time regular, part-time, work from home and hourly jobs to the people. This increases the employment ratio and is beneficial to the workers. Another fact is everyone who can work hard and learn can join the team irrespective of other factors. There are jobs in every sector for people.

As a workplace, amazon is inclusive to welcome diversity. Since there are workers from every background, the company always tries to make them feel home, valued and succeed. They polish the workers to leaders and entrepreneurs.

Who are eligible?

Amazon welcomes fresh talents who are passionate and curious. They are giving immense opportunities to students and even part-time hourly jobs. Amazon is hiring current undergraduate and graduate students from all backgrounds and is offering internships and training. Candidates who are customer-obsessed, creative and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills are given preference. 

What are the benefits?

Working with amazon offers great benefits to the employees. Many health insurance plans and financial aids are provided to the regular employees and their immediate family. For the benefit of workers, the company is providing paid leave (time off) so that they could relax from the job environment. Similarly, the workers get annual discounts from the firm. Both maternal and paternal leaves are granted and they are offering childcare as well as eldercare assistance.

Amazon is providing access to education and skills training to thousands of employees. There is a Career Choice programme arranged for the employees along with other certified programs.  Another important feature is that amazon introduced a 24*7 Employee Assistance programme for the wellbeing of the workers. All these facilities encourage the employees to expand their career.

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