Latest Job Openings at G4S Company -Worldwide

Are you someone interested in serving and safeguarding people? Then join the world’s largest security solutions company GS4 and fulfil your dream. GS4 recently announced some vacancies in different areas. Be the first one to join the team.

About the company

A multinational British private company started in 2004, G4S is the world’s largest security company. As a London-based firm, they are operating in more than 85 countries and are offering a wide range of services including monitoring equipment, supply of security personnel, response units, and secure prisoner transportation. With a total of 800000 employees, gs4 is the largest employer in the private sector. They maintain the safety and welfare of millions of people across the globe.

G4S UAE has an extensive network of offices with around 12000 employees working from 35+ nationalities. They have 5 fully operational branches in UAE and have awarded the ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 certificates. They have the capacity to create an impact on the communities they operate and making them efficient in their work.

Importance of G4S

G4s is the world’s most trusted security service partner. They find their employees superior and provide all standard facilities for a better output. The workers are psychologically, socially and physiologically maintained by giving them international working atmosphere. Diversity and equality is another factor that attracts the employees. The company respects the employee and union rights making the work place comfortable and positive. G4S encourages in the personal and professional growth of an employee. They broaden the working spectrum enabling the workers to contact with experienced professionals in different sectors.

Working with G4S is challenging and exciting as we connect with the daily lives of people. They provide direct employment and always find a chance to make a difference. They provide smart technology and proactive security to its employees and customers. Being a part of GS4 makes the workers sustainable, ethical and generates a social commitment. Certain leadership programs and apprenticeship opportunities are provided to boost the career of its employees.


Working for g4s provides many attractive employee benefits including competitive salary packages along with performance bonuses. They will receive health insurance, free accommodation, parental leave, gym facilities and etc. For those who have UAE driving licence, they get free fuel and maintenance. Skill development trainings, medical reimbursements, on-duty back up support and free uniform are other benefits.


G4s is looking for dynamic, agile, innovative, highly skilled and reliable employees. They need people who are flexible and can work with a team force. Strong communication, collaboration, interpersonal and problem solving skills will be an added advantage. They must be good in written and spoken English. As working in security services, the employees must be always vigilant, attentive, confident and efficient to take up risks. The candidate must hold a degree/school diploma with basic computer skills. According to the position, various certification courses are also needed. The candidate must hold a valid UAE driving license.

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