Flipkart Company Careers, Worldwide

Do you want to be a part of India’s largest e-commerce company? Flipkart recently posted numerous job openings. If you wish to join the team, stay with us and know about the latest vacancies.

Company Info

Flipkart Private Limited, established in 2007 is an Indian e-commerce company. Initially started off as an online book sales store, the company expanded to become an everyday app. Presently, it deals with a variety of product categories including fashion, grocery, consumer electronics, home essentials and other lifestyle products.

Founded by Sachin Bansali and Binny Bansali, the company is now an MNC. Flipkart is available in 12 regional Indian languages. They introduced Big Billion Days, Flipkart Student’s Club, Flipkart Green, Logistics, Travel Booking, Healthcare, Fashion, and etc.

With about 20+ acquired and subsidiary brands, Flipkart has become an e-commerce and online shopping sensation. They collaborate with 100+ fashion brands and are the widest seller network. They list and sell more than 80 million products over 100+ categories.

Jobs at Flipkart

As a start-up initiative, flipkart grew into prominence with around 40000+ employees. These flipsters are working in customer technology, artificial intelligence, supply chain, designing, distribution, sales, data science and engineering. Each day hundreds of people are employed in each sector. The delivery agents, warehouse workers, communication team, processing team, finances and so on include thousands of opportunities and eligible employees are hired.

Engineering and technology team are responsible for shaping the products, innovating new ideas and technologies. Software engineers, architect, engineering manager are some posts where unique talents are welcomed. Similarly the technology group is bringing new change in the e-commerce space.

There is a products team of audacious entrepreneurs who brings in different products for the customers. They also operate with the business, finance, design, engineering, and operations team.

The designing team of flipkart hires talented and experienced UX specialists, content strategists, creative artists and research scientists.

Data science group brings different data techniques for processing, designing, financing, distributing and even for knowing the customer experience and fraudulent activities. The group recruits efficient employees who can use techniques such as classification, matrix factorization, graphical model, regression, and clustering, tree-based models, image processing, network and graph algorithms, topic modelling, deep learning and NLP.

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