ENOC Company Careers in UAE

World’s leading oil and gas company ENOC is hiring candidates. If you are looking for a reputed job, this is your chance. Enoc is introducing a number of latest jobs and you can get all the information here. So without wasting your time, apply immediately and become a part of change.

More about ENOC

Emirates national oil company (ENOC) is an international energy group that operates in oil, gas and coal industry. It has contributed in the economic development of UAE, thus making it a leading supplier of oil&gas in the world. Enoc contains more than 30 subsidiaries and are specialised in refining, storing, processing, retailing and aviation.

Established in 1993, enoc is completely owned by the Government of Dubai. They are engaged in different process including oil exploration, production, refining, trading, fuel retails and marketing. As a leading energy group, they cover upstream, downstream and midstream activities.

Enoc is operating and managing about 119 enoc and eppco service stations in UAE that gives more opportunity to the people to get employed. All these are customer centred and the quality of these services puts the company in high position. 

Work at ENOC

Working with enoc offers employees continuous growth and development in their career. They have competitive salaries and health insurance packages. They will get the chance to work with diverse people in the energy chain. The young talents receive scholarships and trainings that build their career. For great performances rewards and recognition are also provided to boost the confidence of the employees.

Becoming a part of Enoc is not just a job opportunity but an experience that shapes our future. Employees play a major role in the development of our nation. Enoc provide an atmosphere of happiness, wellbeing and togetherness to their employee that nourishes their lives. They constantly challenge the employees and create the best from them.

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