Cleveland clinic Abu Dhabi Careers

Are you looking for a career in medical field? Then, Cleveland clinic, the most prestigious health care group posted the latest job opportunities. If you wish to build your career, this is your chance. Stay with us and know about the vacancies.

About the company

Cleveland clinic is a non-profit multispecialty academic medical centre that consistently secures the topmost healthcare centre in the world. Started in 1921, they have 11 affiliated hospitals, hospital campuses, 19 family healthcare centres, 2 outpatient clinics, international hospitals and medical centres.

With more than 65000+ caregivers, Cleveland clinic has a global recognition and is operating in almost 200 locations. As a healthcare group, they focus of exceptional quality, experience and safety which make them more reliable. The Cleveland clinical foundation ranks the 3rd largest doctors group in America. They operate clinical and hospital care with research and education.

Why Cleveland clinic?

In Cleveland, all the employees are called caregiver. It is the finest place to polish your career as a health expert because it is a world-class multispecialty hospital. Here the workers get the opportunity to work with the global experts and gain international work experience. Cleveland is an inclusive space where talented caregivers across the world are equally welcomed. Their motto is to provide quality health care with integrity and empathy.

Cleveland offers equal employment opportunities to the qualified people. The group is creating an environment where everyone is valued and respected. They are patient-centred, collaborative, and innovative and have national recognition. Cleveland focuses on caring the lives of patients, researching for health and provides education for those who serve.


Cleveland is looking for dynamic and energetic caregivers who can contribute in giving the best healthcare services to its patients. They need people who strive to make a difference and are patient-centred. Here the healthcare practitioners are selected on the basis of their education, experience, clinical competency and dedication to the role. Caregivers’ needs to fully committed and treat their fellow patients’ superior than anything. People who are continuously learning, collaborating and offers unwavering support in every challenge are best suited for the role. The candidates must have excellence in their particular role with experience.

Career opportunities

Cleveland is offering job opportunities to a great number of people. Both in clinical and non-clinical areas thousands are hired frequently.  Cleveland proudly offers remote and hybrid job opportunities to many people in local areas. There are numerous opportunities in the advanced practice careers and about 100+ careers in allied health.

The non-clinical departments include areas such as finance, administration, information technology, human resources, and other operations. Apart from them, there are openings in areas like business, cyber security, research and data, laboratory and etc. The clinical departments comprises of physicians, nurses, therapists and other allied health centres. The pharmacy also hires people. There are opportunities for software engineers, facilities engineer, technicians, logistics technicians, medical representatives, training and communicational professionals.

The research department employs thousands of scientists who bring out some exciting findings. Cleveland mainly focuses on the safety and quality of the patients so they have caregivers in the clinical risk management, clinical quality, infections preventions, patient safety and etc. The laboratory and pathology team hires over 100 pathologists and 2000+ caregivers to perform different experiments.

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