Jobs at Walmart

With about 10586 stores and clubs in 20+ countries Walmart has become a huge retail industry. They are offering careers in different sectors such as in healthcare, stores & clubs, technology, distribution, maintenance, administration, management, finance, food scientists, aviation& travel, customer service, call centres, communications, marketing, logistics, supply chain, security, human resources, business operations, accounting, engineering, merchandising and so on.

In the healthcare sector, there are experienced professionals hired for health and wellness.  Walmart offers dental, radiology, labs, community and primary care services and employs thousands of dentist, physician, nurses, psychiatrist, health therapists, assistants and case managers. There are almost 5000 Walmart and Sam’s pharmacies that are providing opportunities in areas like interns, pharmacist, pharmacy technician and other residents programs. They also have 3000+ optical centres offering employment to lot of optometrists and interns.

Technology team of Walmart is the core with brilliant technicians and they provide opportunities for data scientists, cybersecurity experts, software engineers, designers, product managers, project management experts and data analysts.

Walmart has a great group of distribution and maintenance workers. A lot of people are employed as drivers, loaders, unloaders, transportation managers, maintenance technicians and etc. At the stores and clubs, talented and customer-friendly individuals are hired as the store keepers, managers, cashiers, frontiers, salesperson and etc.

How to apply?

To apply for a job with Walmart, the eligible candidate must create a profile. The profile carries all the details about your qualifications and experiences. Later the applicant can choose the job title that matches their profile and submit an online application through the company website. For some posts, the application includes assessments also. Once the application is reviewed, the eligible candidates will be called for an interview to analyse your potential. There will be video interview and on-site interview. The hiring committee review your performance and if you meet all the requirements and interview rounds you will be notified with an offer letter.

Eligibility criteria

Experienced and young talents are equally welcomed to work with walmart. People with good communication skills and commitment are preferred. A bachelor’s or master’s degree or any other specialised degree in the related field is necessary for certain job roles. The minimum age to work at Walmart is 16. Candidates who are enthusiastic, passionate and can contribute to make a difference in the retail solutions are encouraged. Walmart looks for candidates, who are skilful with a variety of capabilities like problem-solving, reasoning, leadership, creativity, efficiency, productivity and versatility. The employees must be flexible and keen to learn and adaptable to succeed in their work. 

Job openings

(USA) Personal Shopper Lead – Sam’s
(USA) Personal Shopper – Sam’s
(USA) Member Specialist
Personal Shopper – Sam’s PT Hiring Event
Member Specialist PT Hiring Event
USA) Backroom Associate – Sam’s Club
(USA) Member Specialist
(USA) Pharmacy Pre-Grad Intern – Wm
Tire & Battery Technician – Automotive FT PM
Store Manager, $60mm – $80mm – Wm Stores Management
(USA) Senior Meat Cutter
(USA) Forklift-Merchandising Associate
(TBC) Tire and Battery Center Team Leader
(USA) Senior Meat Cutter
(USA) Personal Shopper – Sam’s
(USA) Area Manager – Maintenance (Fashion, Import, Print Solutions, Regional, Returns, Sam’s, Wm.Com)
Merchandising Lead
(USA) Tire & Battery Technician – Automotive
(USA) Member Specialist
Merchandising Lead
(USA) Dental Assistant – WM Health
(USA) Tire and Battery Center Team Leader
(USA) Member Specialist
(USA) Carwash/Gas Attendant
(USA) Merchandising Lead
Principal Product Manager, Retail Store
(USA) Coach/Ops Mgr Trainee
(USA) Personal Shopper – Sam’s
(USA) Technician II, General Facilities Maintenance – WMUS
Independent Optometrist – Walmart
Senior Manager II, Data Science – Omnichannel Supply Chain Strategy
(USA) Senior Management II, Product Management
Software Engineer III
Carwash/Gas Attendant
Technician II, HVAC/R Facilities Maintenance – WMUS
Senior Manager II, People – Enterprise Business Services
(USA) Quality Assurance/systems Manager (import, Regional, Returns,
(USA) Cake Decorator
Principal Product Manager, Walmart Connect (Targeting & Insights)
Sales Strategy Analyst, Walmart Connect (Manager I, Business Analysis and Insights, eComm)
(USA) Tire & Battery Technician – Automotive
(USA) Merchandising
Member Specialist
Optician Sam’s
(USA) Technician II, General Facilities Maintenance – WMUS
(USA) Tire & Battery Technician – Automotive
(USA) Carwash/Gas Attendant
(USA) Senior Manager I, General Facilities Maintenance
Exterior Services Technician I
Exterior Services Technician, Operator