Careem Dubai Careers

Are you someone who is socially responsible to the betterment of society? Did you possess leadership qualities and be an entrepreneur? Then Careem is the best choice for you.

A Dubai-based app that helps the people to access things easily in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan regions. Founded in 2012, they aim to simplify the lives of the people. From UAE, it has spread to other regions like Qatar, Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq, KSA and etc. They are making the lives of 48 million customers easier. They are helping the needy and making an impact on the society. To be a part of this venture is inspiring as well as aspiring.


Careem is an “everything super app” that makes people to move around easily, to get or order groceries and other foods, make payments easily and etc. This team together create technology that is good enough to meet the purposes of the people in areas such as e-commerce, technology-enabled logistics, maps, identity, and etc. This app saves the time and effort of people. Yes time is the non-renewable resource that we are all familiar with.

Careem has different corporate packages, restaurant delivery, B2B delivery and payment solutions that fully benefit the people. Also there is a new service called Careem plus that helps the customers to save money in their purchases.

As a leading foundation, careem focuses on uplifting the lives of people in the Middle East region. They are giving a social impact to the world by contributing to the welfare of the people. Their team is offering numerous programmes such as providing education to the underprivileged children, helping those in the refugee camps, and etc. Along with that they equally take part in environmental protection such as planting mangroves. In this way they involved in the development and empowerment of the people.

Since this app includes a lot of services such as taxi rides, dine out, delivery, laundry, tickets, supermarkets, payments, donations, car rental and so on they are actually offering a great service to the people. To manage and regulate all these operations, a team of talented and focused minds are important. Young talents who are confident enough to start their career as entrepreneurs can join this team.


With around 1200+ employees, Careem is offering numerous opportunities. People from 75+nationalities are coming together with a variety of perspectives and experiences. First started as a remote company, now Careem is socially stable and develop great connections.

They are looking for passionate and ambitions people who can stand with them and share their values to create a prosperous journey. Here, there are no employees. Everyone is an owner of their creativity. Passion is what that sustains the company and every member is equally responsible for everything happening there. To develop innovative ideas and contribute to the community to inspire the future generation is what the group aim at. They need people who can take risks, dream big and fight for that.  Such a burning desire to achieve something great is necessary here.

The company’s main aim is to contribute to the development of the people. We need people who can spend their time and skills for the betterment of the community. People who can bring a change or create a difference through their thoughts are welcomed here.

Careem is a great place for you to learn and prosper. They will challenge you to explore your boundaries and reach your full potential.  Working with talented experts encourages the young seeking owners to develop rapidly and learn every day. Employees with good communication and problem-solving skills who can constantly innovate, collaborate and provides feedback are of great demand. These will mould the individual into great entrepreneurs with excellent leadership qualities.  

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